We have presented this project at the following events:

Internet and Public Communication Conference – “Internet user’s rights, Digital Gap and Media Regulations” (Beijing, December 2013)

Gikii 2013: Seaside Edition (Bournemouth, September 2013)

CAIDA AIMS 2014: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements (San Diego, March 2014),

Citizen Lab Summer Institute 2014: Monitoring Internet Openness and Rights (Toronto, July 2014),

ACM SIGKDD 2014: Data Science for Social Good (New York, August 2014),

ACM IMC 2014: Workshops on ethics in Internet Measurement (Vancouver, November 2014)

University of Oxford: Socio-Legal Discussion Group (January 2015)

University of Oxford: Cyber Security Centre (February 2015)

University of Oxford: Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics (February 2015)